An Affair with Jasmine

An Affair with Jasmine

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When you speak of jasmine, all you can think about is its pure white blooms and their characteristic sweet fragrance. As a symbol of love, purity and beauty, it is used for God offerings or as hair ornaments and even cultivated in homes, mainly in southern part of India. Here, it is commonly known as Bela, Mogra or Motiya. You can easily spot flower vendors selling garlands of jasmine in many parts of India, including my homeland, Delhi.

I had my first experience with jasmine years ago as a child when my parents got me a little strings of jasmine from a street vendor. Even today, you will find many vendors selling strings of jasmine around many parts of Delhi. You can either simply tie the strings on your hand or tie up your hair with it and dive into the heavenly fragrance all day long. Else, like me, you can bring them back home, put them in a small muslin cloth bag, and place it in the centre of your wardrobe for freshly fragrant clothes every time.

Fast forward to the present, jasmine/mogra print can be found everywhere and is a refreshing update to the usual vintage or rose floral prints. You can find mogra print not only in contemporary silhouettes but also in traditional Indian silhouettes as well. For someone like me who loves prints especially floral, it’s time you upgraded your wardrobe with the jasmine print. My personal favourite is the mogra collection by Rheson that was introduced last year as part of their debut collection. But you can still find it on Amazon because it’s never too late to join the club.

Jasmine’s domination in fashion may be fairly new, but it has been major part of our beauty and hair regime for ages. It’s well known that jasmine oil and its fragrance have a very calming and soothing effect which is why jasmine based perfumes or face mist or toners and body lotions are so popular. Even, I am currently hooked onto jasmine perfume by All Good Scents and bela facial tonic mist by Forest Essentials. And next on my list is pure jasmine essential oil, considering its anti-septic and moisturizing properties plus the heavenly scent. Also, if you ever try out the pure jasmine oil, make sure you mix it up with carrier oil (coconut oil, argan oil or almond oil) before using it for hair or body massage.

So, clearly, my aromatic affair with jasmine is not ending any time soon. If you also want to join me on the journey, then why not begin with Sahasra’s jasmine floral makeup setting spray/face mist?