About Us

Our Story

We’ve curated guru worthy products for your self-care rituals. Home industries in Bali provide us with raw and hand-crafted ingredients. We turn to home industries instead of major farms because we love supporting the local villagers, especially the women who help hand craft the ingredients. The traditional balinese methods used to make these ingredients makes the raw materials we use more special.

Our products are filled with the love and kindness of the balinese people. From our tarte virgin coconut oil, floral coffee scrub, and cocoa scent lip balm… we assure you will savor it all!

Volcanoes, rainforests, and swings make Bali a magical place. Sahasra is on a mission to bring the exotic vibes of Bali into your home.

Our Mission:

To create beauty products that will make you feel like you are in paradise. Most of Sahasra's ingredients are ethically sourced from Bali, Indonesia. Bali is indeed a special place that provides quality and superb ingredients.

Our Why:

To support home industries in Bali, Indonesia. Home industries hand make ingredients to ensure quality. Aside from supporting home industries, Sahasra donates a portion of proceeds from Bali VCO to young Balinese women to help fund their education.