About Us

About Sahasra Beauty

At Sahasra Beauty, we believe coconut oil is one of Mother Nature’s best beauty and wellness gifts. But not all coconut oil is created equally. After searching high and low for the purest and most potent version of virgin coconut oil, we discovered Balinese coconut oil — uniquely hand pressed and crafted by some of the island’s dedicated female artisans. Meticulously extracted using a method that preserves coconut oil’s most miraculous beauty benefits, we soon began to fall even more in love with the dreamy paradise that is Bali. From its lush rainforest's to its mineral-rich calderas of the Batur Volcano, Bali’s scenic landscape has been transformed by its most prized indigenous plants and ingredients. It is home to Sahasra Beauty’s wholesome coconut oil, the exotic and alluring Frangipani flower, remineralizing Bali sea salt, and much more. Sahasra means a “new beginning” in Sanskrit. To us, it means embracing the magic of the one place that has reinvigorated our love for nature’s beauty: Bali, Indonesia. And now, we want to share a piece of it with you.

A new beginning awaits. Welcome to Sahasra Beauty.

Sahasra Beauty Gives Back

We are thankful for the blessings Bali’s community has gifted us to help bring Sahasra Beauty’s mission to life. To honor Bali and give back to its incredible local female artisans, Sahasra Beauty is proud to donate a portion of its Bali Virgin Coconut Oil proceeds to help fund their education.

Our Mission

To create beauty products that will make you feel like you are in paradise. Most of Sahasra's ingredients are ethically sourced from Bali, Indonesia. Bali is indeed a special place that provides quality and superb ingredients.