Bali Virgin Coconut Oil

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Bali Coconut Oil - Sahasra
Bali Virgin Coconut Oil
Bali Virgin Coconut Oil
Bali Virgin Coconut Oil
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    Coconut Oil is mother nature's best gift to the beauty world. Its effectiveness in achieving smooth skin and stronger/silky hair makes it a universal beauty staple. It's the most natural beauty elixir. Sahasra has discovered the best virgin coconut oil in Bali. The quality and composition of our virgin coconut oil makes it ideal for cosmetic use.

    Sahasra’s wildcrafted (made from coconuts indigenous to Indonesia) virgin coconut oil is distinctive from other coconut oils. Its authenticity is experienced in its fresh tropical coconut aroma. It holds a crisp creamy white appearance during its solid state, and it is silky and crystal clear in its liquid form. Your skin and hair will quickly soak up every bit of it! 

    *A portion of proceeds will be donated to help fund a young balinese girls education.

    8 fl oz | 236 mL

  • The Balinese extract their coconut oil with a wet mill fermentation process (distinct cold pressed method) that helps retain nutrients and antioxidants. Using fresh coconuts, they make the finest unrefined oil possible. Our Bali Virgin Coconut Oil does NOT contain: GMOs, fragrance, emulsifiers, or chemical solvents (commonly used in refined oils). Once our oil is extracted from the coconut meat, it goes through 4 to 6 stages of straining and purifying to ensure excellent quality.

    Materials: Glass Jar + Coconut Oil

    100% Raw

    100% Cruelty - Free


  • Uses Include:

    - Hair & Skin Repair

    - Detangler

    - Makeup Remover

    - Cleansing Balm

    - Deep Condition Hair

    - Natural Highlight

    - Dandruff Control

    - Post Sun Care

    - Face Mask (dry skin)

    - Shave Oil

    - Under Eye Cream

    - Cuticle Moisturizer

    - Face Oil

    - Deodorant Base

    - Massage Oil

  • Benefits:

    - Razor Bump Softener

    - Hair Strengthener (by improving the scalp)

    - Treat Heat/Color Damaged Hair

    - Create Smooth & Soft Skin

    - Create Silky & Manageable Hair

    - Enhance the Appearance of Skin Tone

    - Help block the formation of cellulite/stretch marks

    - Erase Dark Circles

    - So much more!



Bali Coconut Oil - Sahasra
Bali Virgin Coconut Oil
Bali Virgin Coconut Oil
Bali Virgin Coconut Oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Silky smooth, best quality

I've been using coconut oil to moisturize for more than a year and tried various brands. This is by far the best quality. Silky smooth, no lumps. It's the perfect light-weight moisturizer.

Coconut Love

First of, let me start off by saying I am a huge fan coconut oils and it’s texture as well as the smell. This product was beyond my expectations!

Coconut oil

Love this oil! Has a wonderful smell and works wonders on hair and skin!!


Smells fresh! I enjoy using it!

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